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In This Section

Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade students in the Minneapolis Public Schools receive an education in Health integrated into their classroom learning.  Teachers work hard to include concepts from our MPS Health Education Standards which are a directly derived from National Standards.  Please foolow the link below to explore the concepts being taught and the indicators that learning is taking place.

6th through 8th Grade students also receive an education based on our MPS standards, but the method of delivery is dependent on each site.  In some schools our teachers effectively integrate concepts into content areas with common themes such as PE or Science.  In other schools, Health is a seperate course required for each student.  One thing that is common for all 6th-8th graders is that our new sexual health curriculum called Making Proud Choices will be introduced to them at some time in years 6 through 8.  Making Proud Choices is just a part of the whole, as students will learn life skills such as decision making, nutrition, chemical health, reltionships, conflict resolution, and other areas that affect our health and wellness.

High School students in MPS are required to take and pass two semesters of health classe in grades 9-12.  These classe are named Helath Science I and Health Science II.  These classes work together to provide students with the skills and knowledge to  make healthy decisions for a lifetime.  Please follow the links below for more information about the concepts, content, and assessments for these classes.