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PE Core Content
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Physical Education Core Content


Physical Education is developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to make good decisions for personal fitness. Physical Education classes for First through Third grade students focus on low organized games, balances, mature form in motor skills, rhythmical patterns, pulse points, warm-up and cool down, teamwork, honesty, cooperative activities and enjoyment of physical activities.

First through third graders learn to:
    •     Find fun and excitement in physical activities                                   
    •     Use physical activities that increase personal fitness levels
    •     Work cooperatively
    •     Develop motor skills using a variety of activities       
    •     Use appropriate warm-up and cool down activities   
    •     Locate own heart beat
    •     Recognize the relationship between fitness and nutrition
    •     Catch and throw objects in low organized games
    •     Demonstrate a simple sequence of movements to music
    •     The function of the bones and muscles
    •     Describe games and activities from various parts of the world
    •     Count pulse rate before and after activity
    •     Recognize that daily activity is a healthy habit
    •     Accept and exhibit fair play