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PE Core Content
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Physical Education Core Content


Physical Education is developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to make good decisions for personal fitness.  Physical Education classes for Fourth and Fifth grade students focus on cooperative and competitive activities, lead up games, mature motor skills, dance patterns, effects of diet and exercise, proper etiquette in physical activities and games, cultural games and dances, health and skill related fitness, target heart rate, personal responsibility, fair play, value of physical activity for personal well-being and positive feelings from participating in physical activity.

4th and 5th Grade students learn to: 
    •     Play lead up or modified games within the defined boundaries
    •     Throw and catch objects in a variety of levels
    •     Perform dance patterns in a line formation
    •     Describe the effects of exercise on bones and muscles
    •     Identify the history and role of various sports and games
    •     Locate the carotid and radial pulse points
    •     Calculate their maximum heart rate
    •     Perform correct methods for safe stretching
    •     Cooperate in team activities
    •     Appreciate the value of fair play
    •     Accept defeat positively
    •     Show good sportsmanship
    •     Identify favorite activities that contribute to one's feeling
           of joy
    •     Recognize that physical activity is good for personal well-being