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PE Core Content
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Physical Education Core Content


Physical Education is developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to make good decisions for personal fitness.  Physical Education classes for Middle Grade students focus on lead up and modified team sports, individual sports, cooperative activities, mature motor skills, dance, injury prevention, assessment of personal fitness levels, stress reduction, proper sport etiquette, actions of major muscle groups, calculating heart rate during periods of activity, calculating caloric expenditure, writing short and long term fitness goals, conflict resolution, fair play, leadership and enjoyment of physical activities.

Middle grades students learn to:
•    Play lead up or modified games in a variety of sports
•    Perform a tumbling sequence of static and dynamic balances
•    Perform a variety of sequences to music
•    Demonstrate rules of play for a variety of games and activities
•    Describe ways sports influence American culture
•    Locate your target heart rate zone for your age level from a chart
•    Investigate the effects of different activities on your heart rate
•    Identify lifetime activities that are health related
•    Demonstrate a safe warm up and cool down
•    Set personal goals for activity and fitness a
•    Know the number of calories expended in various activities